I'm Carl, Mocadeki's Lesser half. I've always been into the outdoors and just being outside in general. Geocaching just gives us a way to find new places often that we would not be aware of or not have checked out in the past. Wind cave in Pequea is an example of a place that I had read about but we probably would have never explored without geocaching.

I love solving puzzles but not the look up the answers to questions type. My favorite ones are a new cipher that I hadn't seen before or some other twist or historical type puzzles Quest for Freedom is one of those that really taught me a lot about local history and when we do physically get out there to find it I won't be able to help but imagine the history in this area.

I'm legally blind and have been since birth but it doesn't stop me from geocaching. I do a lot of tripping over rocks and roots but never actually fall. When searching for the cache I tend to use my hands to feel around where other people would use their eyes

In the past I did a decent amount of geocaching with my friend that I met through geocaching but she's long since retired for caching. I did have lots of fun geocaching with CCCA but I definitely have no interest in geocaching like that again. I'm too old to sleep in the car and live on starbucks. I went with her while Molly was working pretty often and usually when Molly had off we both went. Now It's always Molly and I

I also liked collecting geocoins. The only reason I stopped is the fact that there just got to be too many. I'd love to have our own made someday.