I'm Carl, Mocadeki's Lesser half. I've always been into the outdoors and just being outside in general. Geocaching just gives us a way to find new places often that we would not be aware of or not have checked out in the past. Wind cave in Pequea is an example of a place that I had read about but we probably would have never explored without geocaching.

I love solving puzzles but not the look up the answers to questions type. My favorite ones are a new cipher that I hadn't seen before or some other twist or historical type puzzles Quest for Freedom is one of those that really taught me a lot about local history and when we do physically get out there to find it I won't be able to help but imagine the history in this area.

I'm legally blind and have been since birth but it doesn't stop me from geocaching. I do a lot of tripping over rocks and roots but never actually fall. When searching for the cache I tend to use my hands to feel around where other people would use their eyes

In the past I did a decent amount of geocaching with my friend that I met through geocaching but she's long since retired for caching. I did have lots of fun geocaching with CCCA but I definitely have no interest in geocaching like that again. I'm too old to sleep in the car and live on starbucks. I went with her while Molly was working pretty often and usually when Molly had off we both went. Now It's always Molly and I

I'm not crazy about parking lot caches and we ignore them 99 percent of the time. Once in a while if we are someplace I'll check to see if there's one nearby but I can't think of the last one we actually bothered to find and sign the log. My best guess would be the one at Lyndon diner.

I'm not crazy about geoart. I guess it would be cool but it's definitely something that I think is over done. There are a few local ones that I have all the puzzles solved and the corrected coordinates entered and if we want to go that area I see no reason why we wouldn't consider finding them but we wouldn't go out of our way to find them. The one exception I can think of is the teal ribbon trail which we've started but didn't finish yet but that's only because of the reason behind it. We Lost a great geocacher and a great person in general..

I don't care for the souvenirs that groundspeak added to the site. I don't think they add anything to geocaching. Besides who needs an excuse to geocaching? The only reason I need to find one is I want to.

I also liked collecting geocoins. The only reason I stopped is the fact that there just got to be too many of them out there and not many original ones not to mention too many were drifting too far away from geocaching. I'd love to have our own made someday but it's really not all that high on the priority list for right now. If we ever get one made it will not be for sale. It'd be trade or give only..

Things I've done while looking for a geocache